Feb. 2024

On Feb, we had 2 weeks off and went Vietnam for travelling.
When our 1st child, Saku was born, we thought we wanted to take him to overseas at least once in a year. We took him to Thailand when he was 11 months then next year the covid has spread. He took his first passport but used only once!
Our travel after 5 years was to see our guest, Milu-san.
From 2019 to 2020, she stayed our place 3 times and Saku loved her very much.
This is Milu-san and Saku playing together on 2020

She owned her cafe in Hanoi at that time but after the covid, she moved to the countryside of Vietnam and open her cafe.
The place is called Sapa, located on 1500 m and famous for rice terraces.
We often saw her post on SNS and wanted to visit there.

Picture from 4 years ago. We became more than good friends.Saku was 1 year and 3 months at that time. Exactly the same age with his younger bro Aito when he was in Vietnam.Met Milu-san after 4 years! Saku became 5 years and 11 months old.

When we are in Ayabe, we are the ones who take our guests to many place but this time Milu-san planned all for us.
She took us to really nice restaurants, introduced her friends, trekking to the national park, home staying at Red Dao minority group’s house, going to forest and picking wild plants with them for herbal bath and eating… every day we have experienced new things which were heard to do without having friend who knows the area well.
We did enjoy every activities she prepared for us and made us rethink that this is what we want to do in Ayabe and want our guests to feel the same!

Pho was the first meal we had together after meeting. Saku loved eating it with soaking fried bread to the soup just like the locals do!

Hiking at national park. Milu-san prepared Vietnamese lunch for us!

Went to the forest to pickking some plants for herbal bath and eating! Baskets were full of plants!

Walking was lots of fun! We walked 8 km in total on that day. Baffaloes were everywhere.


Buying and eating at local shops. That was really fun! Baked cassava, baked sugar cane, boiled corn, and snacks.

The corn was so sweet and his big bite tells you.

We had really good time sharing meals with family we stayed, Milu-san and her friends and other guests. Every dish they prepared was simple but fresh and so tasty!!!

We also loved the cafe Milu-san own. During our stay in Sapa, almost everyday we came and had relaxed time.
The cafe was so comfortable and felt she takes care of the cafe very much.
Every drinks and food we ordered were excellent!

Milu-san’s cafe:THE MIST SAPA


「Coffee Yogurt」Literally yogurt with coffee which we don’t see in Japan but was really good! Saku was eating only the yogurt part.

It was really nice to see Milu-san again and her friends were so nice to us. Because she is kind to others everyone likes Milu-san!

We always want our guests to
“Travel like a local” and
“Visiting relatives and friends”
For that, we want to be a hub for locals and travellers.
It was a nice opportunity to think about it again thanks to Milu-san.

Rice terrace everywhere! Hope to come back, Sapa!!

To go to Sapa, we took a night bus from Hanoi and a day bus on the way back. It was a separate room with flat chair which we don’t have in Japan.  It was a good experience for kids!

We also stayed in Hanoi, enjoyed the feeling of City.