Jan. 2024

From this month, we will restart posting about our daily life.
In our village, it’s a traditional custom to get gether on Jan. 1st. We get gether and have some drinks and snacks. Our sons are only children in our village so people enjoy meeting them.

・Visiting our village shrine, Gongen-san
This year we had time after Gorei-kai so we visited Gongen-san. Went up the steep stairs and the small shrine stands. Our guests also like to take a walk to Gongen-san.

・Greeting to OJIZO-san, a small statue nearby our house.

・Had a party at shared house!
We bought a big old house with thatch roof after Covid. We have renovated to make it a shared house and a woman have lived since May of 2023.
We named this house “AKARI” with 2 chinese characters. 1 we got from the name of the village “ODA” which this house locates and 1 from the name of former owner “AKIKO” who was a very famous teacher of the area.
“AKARI” means a light. We’d like our sheared house to to be like a light leads to the right direction.

・Our 1st son Saku likes to creating something by woods.
He uses hammer and saw then made a chair for younger brother. Now he’s painting natural paint “KAKI-SHIBU” made by persimon juice.

・Visiting EBISU shrine
We visit EBISU shrine everyday to pray our success in business.

・With our guests
Saku enjoyed cooking and playing game toghther. They were from Korea, travelled alone but met at our place. Saku learned “a-nyeong-ha-se-yo”

We will enjoy our living this year and hope to share with you!