We believe in Possibilities to make things happen.
We involve everybody to make countryside living fun.We offer a place where Locals, urban people, and foreigners get to know each other and everybody can relax and recover the energy to move forward.




Ayabe is a city in the Northern part of Kyoto Prefecture.
The name “Kyoto” usually reminds you of a traditional atmosphere, old temples, shrines, and a beautiful old town. However this is Another Kyoto. “Ayabe” enables you to experience rural life and untouched nature in Japan. You can feel the warm heart of them.

Kambayashi is located on the East side of Ayabe. Kambayashi is a really off-the-beaten-track place. There is only one traffic light, and no convenience store here.
And we might encounter deer, monkeys, foxes and so on. One part of the Kambayashi area became a National Park in March, 2016, because of a long tradition of gathering horse chestnuts. Horse chestnut trees can live more than a hundred years, and sometimes over 1000 years.


Teruyuki Kuchu
Traveled around the world twice for about 7 years since age 19 as a backpacker.
After coming back to Japan, worked at hotels and a travel agency as a tour guide.
At age 37, moved to the Kamabayashi area in Ayabe city, Kyoto Prefecture.
Now organizing the tours as tour agent MATA TABI, managing the Couture guesthouse and also working as a English licensed guide.
Hobbies: Traveling, Mountain hiking, Japanese Anime (animation)
Eriko Kuchu
From Sakai city, Osaka Prefecture. Worked as a computer system engineer for 8 years.
Visited Ayabe from time to time, and from May 2016 moved to Ayabe permanently.
Graduated from the Graduate School of Management at Globis University 2017. (MBA)
Currently enjoying raising a child in nature.
Hobbies : Having fun outdoors, Japanese flower arrangement
Saku / Aito
Saku was born in 2018 and Aito was born in 2022. They love to play in nature.
Saku loves animals and bugs. He can guide you to nearby river and village.
She was born in 2014 in Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima. We brought her to Ayabe when she was 3 months old. She is a very friendly cat!



Giving travelers and the people who connect with us the energy to go forward and make their dreams come true.

About Couture

We renovated an old house with the help of friends, and then opened our guest house in October, 2015. We named the guesthouse COUTURE because we would like to customize our guests' experiences with us the way fine clothing is tailored for each customer.
*Couture means tailor made in French.

About our relocation to Ayabe

We are both from the city of Osaka. We wanted to open a guest house in the countryside of Japan, surrounded by nature and introduce Japanese mother nature to foreigners. Teruyuki joined several workshops about moving to the countryside in Osaka, and then went around Japan for a few months looking at possible locations for our guest house. At Last, Teruyuki moved to Kambayashi alone in January, 2014.
We would like to help people move to the countryside.

About Renovation.

We had never done any DIY before. But locals and friends help us a lot. We believe in our possibilities that we can do it.
After finishing main building, we would like to make library or Tree house in our land.

About agriculture

We became farmer to get permission for our guesthouse.
That permission give us accommodate guests and be able to give them experience picking up vegetable or so. To become farmer was actually hard part. We have to cultivate 1000 square meter. So from now we study how to make vegetable, rice little by little.

About what we want to do from now

We would like to make people who live here or visit here happy.
Let’s collaborate together!!
Key word Nature, Satoyama, Stars, Education, Enterprise, Exchange culture, Renovation, Library, Agriculture, Tree house, Cooking,Flower Arrangement, Tea, Hunting, Game, Migration, Process, Marche


Common room
Please relax sitting on the sofa or laying yourself on the floor.
In the winter the table becomes TOTATSU which make you warm.
There are 2 Japanese TATAMI room 6-mat-room and 4-mat-room (4-mat-room is under construction now)Use Futon (Japanese bedware) for sleeping.
You can use everything in the kitchen.
We prepare cooking equipment, seasonning. And also we have coffee machine.
Western style
There are 1 shower and bathtub.
We have soap, shampoo, and hair dryer.
*If you would like to go to Onsen (hot spring), we give you discount ticket.
Please ask us when you check-in.
Laundry You can use washing machine by free.
etc Smoking is prohibited inside the house.
Please bring your own sleepingclothes and towel.


Dormitory 3000 yen per person in dormitory.
*Please ask us for long-stay discount. *Following credit cards are acceptable.
VISA / JCB / master card / American Express / DISCOVER / Dinner's Club
Pay Pay / ALI PAY / WeChat Pay



<By car>
It is about 20km 30minutes from Ayabe I.C of Maizuru-Wakasa highway and also about 20km from Kyotamba wachi I.C of Kyoto Jyukan highway.

<By train and bus>
Take JR Sanin line from Kyoto to Ayabe. In south gate of Ayabe Station, there are local bus stops called AYABUS. Take Kambayashi line to Omachi bus terminal, then change to Ichinose line. Please get off at the final destination,Ichinose then enter the village.
Or come to HigashiMaizuru station of JR Maizuru line.
We can pick you up at Omachi bus teminal, or Higashi Maizuru station. Please contact us beforehand.


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    Could you please tell us estimated time of arrival at JR Ayabe or JR Higashi Maizuru station?
    If there are any questions, please feel free to ask us anytime.