Mar. 2024

March of year 2024, we had snow a few times but also had days we can feel the spring has come!

*Our guests
We had Terry-san and Jenny-san from Australia after 6 years! Thank you for coming back to Couture!
Last time they came with 3 children who were students at that time. Now children are all grown up and this time they enjoy travelling with two.
They say we can go camping together when we go to see them in Australia next time! Can’t wait!

We had the very first guest from Nicaragia. He is 16 years old and go to school in Tokyo to learn Japanese. He came alone to spend time in Satoyama area of Kyoto! Saku loved to spend time with him and he was such a good guy enough to play many games with Saku. Every Saturuday night, the traditional drum practice is held in shrine near our place. We took him there and experienced playing the drums. His mom is a host of Airbnb in Nicaragua saying please come one day. We have many fascinating destinations!!

We had other guests who stayed with us before, a man just graduated uni, a man who’s travelling with his camping car aroud Japan and more!

*March is the month edible wild plants are growing.
Everytime we go for a walk, we check how much the plants are growing. We had many horse-tails this year so picked up with our small guests and took of some hard part before cooking. I cooked Tsukudani, cooked with soy souce and others. Our second son Aito, 1 year old loved this Tsukudani with rice. I also cooked with egg which is also taste good.

*Our son Saku finished kindergarten.
Since we live close to Maizuru city, he went to Morinokora-Kindergarten in Maizuru for 1 year. The Kindergarten was super like I want to go. Teachers care and love children very much and take them to river, mountains, and ocean. Children learn how to cook, create something with real hummer and saw. I’m so thankful for Saku had tried and experiencced many things and he loved being with his teachers and other children!

It’s kindergarten’s policy to walk everyday to kindergarten so Saku walked 30 mins one way.

*Saku became 6 years old!
He loves playing nature but also loves playing Pokemon. He said he want zhelat for his cake so I tried. Recently he also plays with ball because we don’t have TV but watch Haikyu, volley ball anime and Captain Tsubasa, soccer anime

*March is the month to cultivate and planting seeds.
Our 1 year old son Aito tries doing everything!

*The last week of March, we can see flowers blooming everywhere!
Golden bell in our yard is so beautiful now!

We went to see Mitsumata, paper bush in Oku-Kambayashi. The forest was all yellow and smelled sweet!
We can taste local speciality sweets, Zenzai, horce chestnuts rice cake with red bean soup. Our kids love it!

*The recent brothers.