Access map

Here is how you come to our guesthouse.

First of all, you search our guesthouse “SATOYAMA GUESTHOUSE COUTURE” by Google map.

Then once you come to our village ICHINOSE. here is direction after you enter the village.

Once you come to the village, go straight and then cross one bridge. Then you will find two houses on the hill on your right side. And then there is third house on your right just like photo 2. Then right after that house, you will get to the second bridge.There is a building just like Photo 3, you turn right.

Finally you climb up the steep, then you find water reservoir for fire. Then you will find normally two car parking on the ground . You can park your car next to my car on the concreted road just like Photo 5
Then head toward to photo6. Finally our guesthouse is photo 7